Water Testing Results

Our landlord and charter authorizer, San Diego Unified, has expressed a serious commitment to provide safe and quality schools in all neighborhoods. Due to the recent water quality questions, the district has partnered with the City of San Diego, the district’s water provider, to take advantage of a new state action allowing school districts to request that samples of water be tested for lead contamination at its schools sites. San Diego Unified submitted a request to the city in February 2017 to sample water at all district schools. Water sampling at San Diego Unified began on April 4th. We appreciate their efficiency and collaboration to support the health of all children.

Following strict protocols established by the State Water Resources Control Board, city staff drew up to five water samples at our school on


I am pleased to inform you the results for the Innovations Academy site show our water does NOT contain levels of lead outside the allowable levels set by environmental agencies (State Water Resources Control Board via the Department of Drinking Water and the Environmental Protection Agency). Testing also shows there is no need for further mitigation. Detailed results of the testing are available on the district website at https://www.sandiegounified.org/watersampling.

For those interested in viewing water sampling reports, learning more about the water sampling effort, or learning about lead poisoning prevention, please visit www.sandiegounified.org/watersampling.

See https://www.sandiegounified.org/drinking-water-sampling-results

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