Weekly News 1/27-2/3

Minimum Days Next Week- Portfolio Reviews
Feb. 6th-10th parents are invited to come in and see their child’s work. These meetings are not student led conferences so teachers will not necessarily be meeting one on one with parents. This is an opportunity for parents to see progress being made by viewing work. Please sign up with your child’s teacher as soon as possible.

Report Cards
First semester report cards were distributed on Friday. Those not received are in the front office. Please stop in if you have not received this progress report.

Specials Class
With the new semester  will come some new specials classes. Ask your child what they will be doing.

Friday Pizza Lunch
Friday is our only hot lunch day. If you would like to order Friday pizza lunch you must do so Monday through Thursday. Order online, send money in to pay and enjoy.

Cell Phone Use on Campus
It is cell phone free week in the middle school and we are requesting that all cell phones be left at home. I would also like to encourage all other parents to reconsider the need for your child to be using mobile technology at such young ages. I can’t think of any reason that a child at IA NEEDS to have a cell phone. If you need to contact your child during the day you are free to leave a message at the front office and we will happily carry it to your child. I would love to hear the reasons if your young children carry phones, so send any feedback to Christine@innovationsacademy.org.

Reasons for leaving all technology at home: it is something else to manage, it is distracting, there are other ways to communicate. Thank you for engaging in this exploration with us.


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