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2017-2018 School Calendar

2017-2018 Home Learner Community Calendar

School to Home Communication

Here are some ways we regularly communicate with you:

  • The Sunday call and email which is also posted under the news tab on the website and our internal FB page called Innovations Academy Charter School Parent Group. Ask to join if you are a FB user.
  • Communication Log: All 1st-8th grade students will be utilizing  School-Home communication logs. These are composition books in which students will journal about things they are doing in class to share with you. Some classes use them daily while others use them weekly. You are asked to sign the book to show you have received it. Check with your child and the teacher if you are missing this in upcoming weeks.
  • All teachers send a weekly email to you. This is different than the all school call and email. It will have detailed information about the work being done in class. This email will also be posted to the class digital portfolio that can be located from the website under the tab titled, “CLASS PORTFOLIOS”

Innovations Academy Daily Schedule


1st – 8th

Start Time M-F 8:45 8:45
  T-F 8:45-2:15 8:45-3:15
Minimum Day on Mondays 8:45-12:30 8:45-12:30

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