Jennifer Kuebler

Staff, Solution Center Counselor

Jennifer Kuebler,  Solution Center Counselor and an Associated Marriage and Family Therapist

I have a BA in Criminology and Communication, and a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I am certified in Mindfulness and as a Positive Discipline Classroom and Parenting Educator.  I am also  trained in Non-Violent Compassionate Communication, and Redirecting Children’s Behavior and I have worked with individuals, couples and families as a life coach for over 10 years prior to becoming an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist.

I have  always had a passion for social emotional education and worked as a founding board member to create a school with a philosophy similar to IA. There, I teamed with parents and staff to develop a climate of collaboration and intrinsically motivated learners. I have also served and worked on the board of several other non-profits, including other schools,  delivering value based guidance to kids and working with them to help them to resolve issues. I currently serve on the Board of Soul Charter High School.

I collaborated to start the Solution Center at Innovations Academy in the fall of 2011. In the Solution Center students learn conflict resolution, problem solving, communication and other life skills. They also receive counseling and other related support. It is so exciting to experience students learning and using these skills!

I live in Scripps Ranch with my husband, a teacher and trainer, my 20 year old son (when he is home) and my dog and cat, where we laugh, work, play and have a lot of fun. My son, who attended IA in 8th grade, is currently a sophomore at UC Davis.


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