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Volunteering at Innovations Academy

Volunteering is one way to contribute to the improvement of education for the children of San Diego. Innovations Academy welcomes volunteers who can help in many different ways.

Currently there are many groups of parents gathering to enjoy collaborating to support the school. All IA parents/caretakers are encouraged to join any or all groups as they see fit.

Volunteer ideas include but are not limited to:

  • Classroom support: volunteer to work with a specific grade level for a few hours, a day, two days…per week.
  • Office support: volunteer to help out in the front office
  • Custodial support: volunteer to help maintain our campus
  • Lunch Duty: volunteer to work creating a supportive lunch time

Email OUR FRONT OFFICE if you would like to help in any way.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

If you can volunteer for either of the following, please email Christine

1) Looking for volunteers who know how to code. We will be starting a coder club next school year.

2) Looking for volunteers to help us on our garden journey. If you have experience with landscaping, gardening etc. we have a job for you.

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