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About the Innovations Academy Parent Association

The Parent Association exists to help parents effectively organize support for the improvement of the school and its facilities.   We strive to engage in activities that provide encouragement, leadership, and assistance to IA so the school can reach its objectives.  We encourage participation in school activities by facilitating communication between home, school, and community, and promote the recognition of IA within the community.  We fundraise to meet these objectives.  Thanks to all who participated in the Pledge Drive in Fall 2014, we raised $11,796 for our school’s pottery program and science needs!  There are no membership dues and everyone is welcome and encouraged to join our committees.  For more information or to volunteer, e-mail

Room Parents:

Classroom Teacher Room Parent
 Kindergarten Clara
Kindergarten Lauren
1st Grade Gaby
1st Grade Ashleigh
2nd Grade Keely
2nd Grade Ali
3rd Grade Dre
3rd Grade Jill
4th Grade Tori
4th Grade Terri
5th Grade Emily
6th Grade Keith & Steph
7th Grade Emily M.
7th Grade Lisa M.
8th Grade Devon
8th Grade Nora & Dominique

Book Fair Coordinator:  Pernille Frandsen

IA Welcoming Director: Lea Ruiz-Ade (K-4),  (5-8)

Fundraising and Communications:  Bridget Marchand,

Yearbook Committee:  Patty Osorio,

IA Social Committee:  Jennifer Ott, Genia Basiel

Parking Lot Safety/Traffic Direction Volunteers:  Richard & Kathy Odegard

Volunteering at I.A.

Volunteering is one way to contribute to the improvement of education for the children of San Diego. Innovations Academy welcomes parent volunteers who can help in many different ways. Our I.A. Parent Association is a group of dedicated parents who actively contribute to the continuous improvement of our school.

Currently there are several groups of parents  collaborating to support the school. All IA parents/caretakers are encouraged to join any or all groups as they see fit. If you are interested in volunteering  in any way, please send and email to

IA Parent Fundraising

The Fundraising Committee organizes and produces many of the fundraisers that support I.A.

Parent Community Helpers

The main goal of this committee is to help with tasks that support our school as needed. This can be recruiting and organizing class parents, organizing field trips for teachers,  introducing our school to our neighboring businesses, finding guest speakers for projects or finding donations from outside sources. This could be as easy as sending out letters from home. It is a great volunteer job for a working parent who cannot volunteer at school!

Grant Writing

This is a  group to join if you do not have a lot of time to spend on campus as you can work from home! You do not need experience to be a part of this group. There are many templates for grant writing and you can also help by researching grant opportunities. It is a great way to get experience and learn what grants are all about. The main goal of this group is to research grant opportunities and write grants.

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