Lunch Information

Lunch Times

* There is NO LUNCH PERIOD on Mondays due to early dismissal (12:30).

Below is the grade level lunch schedule

Grades Time
Kindergarten 11:30-12:15
1st grade 12:15-1:00
2nd-4th grades 11:45-12:30
5th-8th grades 12:30-1:15


Friday Pizza Lunches 

The 8th grade will be serving Costco Pizza MOST FRIDAYS! Orders must be placed online BEFORE 8:00 am on Fridays.  ORDERS WILL NOT BE PROCESSED AFTER THIS TIME AND CASH WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Payment for pizza orders must be made via the order form online. 

2017-18 lunch procedures: NEW FORM!!!!!

  1. Lunch order is placed online (before 8:00 am on Friday) using the order form.   A DATE MUST BE SELECTED in order for your lunch to process on correct day.
  2. Multiple students can be placed on one order form.
  3. Using a new form for each week, orders can be placed for the entire month.
  4. Pizza orders cannot be cancelled, but you may get a credit for a future week. To request a cancellation credit, please email by Friday, 8:30 am.


Lunch Tuesdays- Thursdays

Students at Innovations Academy  bring a sack lunch to school each day.   Microwaves are available to students to reheat leftovers and other foods that are best eaten warm.

If you are interested in re-launching the hot lunch program by volunteering, please email  We are looking for parents to MANAGE AND RUN the program.

  • If you would like to purchase lunch boxes and supplies that are environment-friendly AND give to IA at the same time, use and use Innovations Academy at 92131 zip code as directed.

Sustainability and “Green” Lunches

At Innovations we have a goal of reducing lunch waste significantly moving, each month, towards a zero waste lunch program.
Additionally we would like to decrease the use of plastic baggies, juice bags and straws on campus. We request that your child bring a thermos with beverage everyday instead of single use trash generating food items. Students will take all of their lunch trash home with them each day to be discarded and recycled appropriately. 

Please support this goal of becoming waste free. As the landfill overflows and plastic pollutes our land and waters, we all can take power in knowing that we can make a difference. For ideas: 

IA has reusable bags for sale in the office if you would like to purchase any.

All students at Innovations Academy should bring a healthy snack every day. Examples of healthy snacks include fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, nuts and whole grains.

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