Weekly News 1/7-1/13

The IA love letters and the data from the parent survey were included in our charter renewal which was submitted last week. It is an honor to work in a community that is so committed to children. Thank you so much for your participation. The teachers were also very moved reading the letters. And helped me realize how much I could learn from all of you. Please do not hesitate to share your needs with us. When you feel that your child has needs that are not being met, there is no way we can alter the situation without knowing about it. You are our clients, so please speak up.

For our charter renewal we will have two hearings in front of the San Diego Unified board. Since charter schools are schools of choice, your voice is one of the most influential parts of a renewal. As soon as I get the dates I will share them with you. Your presence will have an impact on their decision.

Niki, our resident artist and art teacher is taking on a campus beautification project. She will be helping each class design and paint the picnic table in front of their classroom. She is wondering if any of you have spare materials

around or in your garage.

She is looking for:
Plastic Tarps
Large Paintbrushes (utility brushes are fine)
Old T-shirts or anything that can be used for smocks as this paint will not come out of clothes
Plastic Solo Cups
Saran Wrap

Innovations Academy will be participating in the National Schools Choice Week this year by making a dance video. Many of the students have already learned the dance moves and are excited about being involved in the project and it’s a great way to showcase our school. Our video will be posted along with other choice schools from all across the nation. There will be a 30 minute rehearsal on Monday from 12.30 pm to 1 pm for all those students who are interested in being in the project. If you opted not to allow us to publish your child’s image at the beginning of the year but are willing to give consent for this project, please email Natasha at natasha@innovationacademy.org

SECOND SEMESTER SCHOOL PLAY (mandatory meetings and auditions)
Our next all-school production is the much loved ‘Wizard of Oz’! Auditions will be held on Wednesday, January 17th and Thursday the 18th. Audition forms, character lists with grade breakdown and rehearsal and performance dates will be available in the office at noon on Monday. A MANDATORY PARENT meeting will be held this Wednesday, January 10th at 8.45 am, 3.15 pm and 6.30 pm, they will last approximately 35 minutes. If your child is interested in auditioning for the show you must attend one of these meetings. For any questions, please email Natasha.


Email Pam at musicacademysd@gmail.com to reserve a spot at our FREE instrument sampling session this Wednesday, January 10th from 3:15-4:30!!!

Miller After School Classes offer the opportunity for your child to become musical.

Band and Orchestra (Grades 3rd and Up)

(Younger students with prior music experience may be accepted)

Instrument Choices: Students pick one instrument to focus on. We can accommodate most instruments. Common beginner choices include violin, cello, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, xylophone/drums, keyboard and bass guitar. Attend our instrument sampling on January 10th for help picking an instrument.

Music Skills Students Learn: Music Reading, Music Theory, Proper Instrument Technique, Group Music Performance Skills and Etiquette, Ear Training, Music Composition, Music Appreciation

Non-Music Skills Students Learn: Social Skills, Self Esteem, Concentration, Patience, Coordination, Enhanced Reading and Math Skills

Cost: Our classes are $39 per hour and meet once a week, compared to private lessons that typically range from $60-$90 an hour. Limited financial assistance is available upon request.

Parents can learn free in any class with their child!

  1. Email Pam Miller at musicacademysd@gmail.com to register! Also visit our website F.A.Q page at www.sandiegomusiclessons.net. We have a Facebook page too.
  2. To pick an instrument, bring your child to our FREE instrument sampling session on Wednesday January 10th from 3:15PM-4:30PM
  3. Register by Friday January 12th! Classes start Wednesday January 17th!

Thank you and have a great week!

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