Weekly Info 11/5-11/11

There will be NO school this Friday, November 11th in honor of Veteran’s Day. Let’s work hard for these four days that we have.

Pledge Drive- A shout out to Jodi for taking on the pledge drive this year. Thanks to her leadership and all the parent volunteers and donors, we had the most success that we have ever had . We had 176 donations from 64% of families that raised a total of $20,000 which includes the matching program. Thank you for taking the time to give.

Swap Meet- The Parent Connection swap meet on Saturday was amazing. I hope you came. I got some books for my niece and nephews, a wooden sword carved by one of our very own students and a puzzle. The community energy was light and powerful.

Facilities- We now have a lease extension until June 2019 and continue to seek a property. We have two that we are currently pursuing, one in Scripps Ranch and the other in Kearny Mesa. Thank you for being loyal and patient throughout the process.

Book Fair– Our annual book fair is coming the week before Thanksgiving Break. From November 13-17 come in and browse, buy and enjoy. It will be open 1 hour after school each day that week.

Parents Night Out 8th grade Fundraiser
The 8th graders are sponsoring a Parents Night Out on Friday, November 17th. Tickets must be purchased before Thursday, Nov 16th. $20 for the first child and $10 for any additional children.  This includes games, activities, yoga and food. You can purchase your child’s spot at the front office or in room 702, before school. See the flier  for details.

Post Halloween Candy Collection– If you have extra candy that you don’t want to enjoy, drop it by the office tomorrow as a donation to the troops.

Friday Pizza for 8th grade fundraiser- see the website under the LUNCH tab
Friday yogurt sale for 4th grade fundraiser- after school for $3 per yogurt.

When students have fallen behind in their work, Mandatory Monday Make-Ups, from 12:30-1:30, or 1-2, are NOT OPTIONAL. They also take precedence over participation in play rehearsal and any other after school activity. Thank you for helping all IA students.

Thank you for listening and reading our message and have a special week.

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