Weekly Info 10/15-10/21

Middle School Sex Education Program Informational Meeting
This Wednesday at 6 pm there will be a meeting for parents who wish to speak with the doctor that is giving our sex education classes this year. There will be drinks and snacks available so come for dessert. There will be information about the program, resources for parents to speak with their children about this topic as well as information about suicide prevention, Title IX and the IA academic curriculum this year. It can be anything from a brief stop in to hang out and learn event for you. See you there!

School Photos
School photo dates this year will be on October 26th  and 27th and then again on November 2nd  and 3rd.

Kindergarten Hurricane Victim Support Project
The Kindergartners of Gaby’s and Carolina’s class (room 403) are collecting items for hurricane victims. They will be doing so from Oct. 15 – Oct. 31. Please bring in toiletries, clothes and small toys listed on the poster they created.

Home Learning Options from IA
STMATH (for conceptual math development) and Reflex Math (for math fact fluency) are available for home use. We have a NO MEANINGLESS HOMEWORK policy and these are not obligatory, but we also realize that parents are the primary educators of their children and these are two engaging ways to both understand current math levels of your child AND help them move forward. If a parent asks good questions while a child is on the programs you will help them develop more depth of understanding. If a child completes 75% of STMATH during the year they have an 80% chance of achieving proficient or above on the delightful state exams. Plus they will have a deeper understanding of algorithm use.

Thanks for reading. Have a stupendous week!


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