Weekly Info 5/21-5/27

Summer weather is here. I hope your weekend was beautiful  and full of love!

Parent volunteers are vital to the successful operation of our school and we could not do the majority of the activities we do, without you! Whether you drove on a field trip, worked with students in the classroom,  helped clean up after a play or anything else to help, we would like to celebrate and thank you at our Volunteer Breakfast!

To show our appreciation, we invite you to attend IA’s annual 

“Volunteer Thank You Breakfast”
Thursday, June 1st from 8:45-10:00am. 

If you plan to attend, please RSVP to donna@innovationsacademy.org by Tuesday, May 30, 2017.

PIZZA FRIDAYS WILL CONTINUE until June 2.  There will be NO pizza on last day of school (June 9).  *Remember to order online BEFORE midnight Thursday.

Classes are finishing Standardized State and Proficiency testing.  During this testing period, it is important to come to school and be on time. It is also important to send your children rested, with good breakfasts, AND EXTRA SNACKS!!! Many students are especially hungry during their breaks and require/request additional snacks.

Reminders From Past Announcements
The last day of school is a minimum day. Friday, June 9th (12:30 dismissal)
The first day of school next year is Monday, August 28th

Pernille Frandsen is available for summer child care text: (858) 602-9386

A limited supply of yearbooks is available if you forgot to order. $22 at the front desk.

If you have any changes in family plans and think you may not return next year, please communicate with us immediately. We are squaring away our wait list and other families would appreciate knowing they may have a spot. We will not give away your spot until you are sure of your plans. But it still helps us make possible accommodations. Thank you.

As many of you no doubt have seen, “fidget spinners” are the lastest fad. Below are the links to  two opposing, but well thought out, opinions on this craze. I thought you might find them interesting. Reflective parenting is important. Enjoy the reads.
https://yourot.com/parenting-club/  (Fidget Spinners: Is It Really What Your Child Needs?)a


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