Keith Fowler

Teacher, 6th grade

I am a dual-citizen, born and educated in England, but have lived in San Diego since 2011. I have a bachelor’s degree in modern history and am certified as a history teacher in the UK. Here in California I hold credentials as a teacher, administrator, and ed specialist. I like to stay physically active through tennis and surfing, and keep the mind active by playing chess, reading, and writing. I am a father for the first time to a little boy we called Devon.

The basis of my teaching philosophy is that young people are natural learners, and it is my role to not get in the way of that, rather to be a catalyst and facilitator. The progress of student-centered, constructivist educational pedagogy excites me and I work hard to create an engaging and dynamic project-based classroom. My focus is increasingly becoming literacy; today’s youth are not reading as much as they were, and I am dedicated to reuniting as many as possible to the joys of reading, and the power of written expression.

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