Full time and Independent Study Options

Full Time:

80% of our student population participates in our traditional-schedule full time program. Full time students attend Monday through Friday.  We have a minimum day on Monday. The curriculum is mastered using Project Based Service Learning, engaging hands-on activities, enrichment classes, multi-age mentoring, and a strong social emotional/character education program based on learning conflict resolution and problem solving skills.

3 Day Option

We also offer a 3 day program for K – 2 students on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for families who wish to participate in their child’s education as the primary  educator 2 extra days per week but would also like to have their child(ren) participate in a typical school classroom. Students integrate into a regular classroom three days a week and are responsible for their own learning off-site the other two days. Many 3 day students find this to be a nice blend of school with homeschooling.

2 Day Option (Home Learner Community- HLC)

IA also offers a special 2 day program on Tuesdays and Thursdays for home learners in K – 8th grades who want to participate in project-based learning with a supportive home learning community. Our 2-Day students have their own multi-age classrooms on site with a unique schedule specifically designed to meet their needs. Though placement is flexible, we have a K-1 class, a 2nd-4th grade class and a 5th -8th grade class.

Homeschooled children join their peers to create a community of learners.  The Home Learning Community (HLC) is a Self Design ( inspired program where children ages 5-14 co-create their learning with peers, mentors and group leaders.  Classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays for COOPERATIVE, STUDENT-DIRECTED learning opportunities which are chosen and designed by the children themselves based on areas of intense INTEREST and CURIOSITY.  It is recognized that learning takes many forms and, while there is a great deal of joyful learning in many arenas of academics and life, there is little to no direct instruction from our group leaders. Our experiences in HLC classroom are not dictated by traditional school design.  The families in the HLC have created a wonderful community of home learners that function as a small school within the school of Innovations Academy.  Student and parent input guides the direction of class.

The Home Learning Community blog is kept here.

Some of the features of the Home Learning Community:

1. Consult monthly with a credentialed teacher to make a customized, holistic learning plan
2. Engage in group-learning activities in math, science, art, the outdoors, and more
3. Take monthly field trips
4. Build listening and communication skills
5. Share home projects with the group and receive constructive feedback
6. Provide input and suggestions about group activities

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