I love Innovations Academy Charter School, and it’s because of so many reasons…the staff there are so compassionate, the parent involvement is greater than any school I’ve seen, and the director is brilliant. The school is based on the idea of giving the students more freedom to direct their learning experience, and they really honor each individuals way of learning. My son is intelligent and sensitive, and has experienced a great deal of loss and trauma during his life. He was an emotional wreck. Innovations Academy has been so helpful, reaching out to him and having tremendous patience as he works through these issues. After just months of being there, my son is enjoying learning, making friends, and learning all sorts of great stuff. I feel so blessed to have my kids at Innovations Academy

— “Love Your School” Sweepstakes Winner Victoria Lancaster Parent

Dear Innovations Staff,

Thank you so much for providing the school that Rachel can’t wait to attend in the morning. She’s never wanted to talk about school before, even when asked, and now she voluntarily tells me about it! And yesterday she got in trouble for jumping out of the car before it completely stopped when she was dropped off at school. (I smiled as I scolded because I’ve never seen her happy to get to school.)

— Debbie, mother of a 3rd grader Parent

Dear Tony [7th grade teacher],

I would like to let you know that whatever you have done to my son, that I am truly impressed and thankful. Lorenzo gets up every morning excited for school. I have a new young man at my house it seems. He is concerned and outgoing when it comes to homework [we actually don’t give mandatory homework at Innovations, as we believe in family time. This child is bringing home work because he really wants to!], unlike last year. He tells us about his day and what he did. It is truly astonishing! Never has Lorenzo ever shown such enthusiasm for school in his young life. He has also gone as far as talking about college. I have always just worried about him graduating from High School much less what college he wants to attend. I thank you and Tony again for whatever changes you have contributed to in helping my son! And more over, thank you for making my son feel empowered and eager to learn and become a success.

— Janie, mother of a 7th grader Parent

Wow, thanks Danielle!!! And Lisa [his teacher] just called this morning to brag on him too! You guys are just the best to make time to brag on people instead of just making problem calls home. That is what makes Innovations so special. Thank you over and over.

— Pam, mother of an 8th grader Parent

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