Mission & Values


At Innovations Academy we powerfully create our lives through self-expression, compassionate connection, and purposeful learning.

Through implementation of our mission, Innovations students feel cared for in a big way.  And through this caring, students feel encouraged to explore and learn. Academic excellence is achieved when children are supported to question and search for answers. We inspire and support all of the members of our community in living this mission.

Consider that:

  • Teachers are guides, not guards.
  • Learning is a journey, not a destination.
  • Discovery is questioning the answers, not answering the questions.
  • The process is discovering ideas, not covering content.
  • The goal is open minds, not closed issues.
  • The only test is being and becoming, not remembering and reviewing.
  • School (or any community) is whatever we choose to make it.

With this in mind, it is our vision to:

  • Build on the natural love of learning that is inherent in all human beings
  • Strive for academic excellence through depth and meaning in learning
  • Foster the development of the whole child
  • Honor children with choices in their own learning
  • Help children discover their individual talents and interests
  • Model respect of self, others, and community

We believe:

  • That fun is a valuable component in the learning process
  • That everyone can learn and achieve
  • In personal responsibility and accountability
  • In high expectations for learning
  • In the value of a supportive, nurturing community
  • That in valuing and utilizing diversity, we can achieve common goals
  • Effective communication is essential

Innovations Academy Charter– This document governs the operations of the school and gives a thorough overview of the mission, vision, curriculum, and overall structure of Innovations Academy. This document is 92 pages and does not include our appendix as it is too large a file to be put on our server at this time. It is well worth the read!

School Accountability Report Card (SARC) data – This district mandated document gives a snap shot about Innovations Academy including student demographics, test scores, pupil spending, etc.

SARC 2008/2009 year
SARC 2009/2010 year
SARC 2010/2011 year
SARC 2011/2012 year
SARC 2012/2013 year
SARC 2013/2014 year
SARC 2014-2015 year


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